More of the brothers and sisters who created this creature
We hope this list is accurate, if not, give us an update!

Alphabetical listing

Rob Alidon
Kirk Barton
Bob Baylis
Wes Brown
Jerry Cipperley
Gilbert Clayton
Craig Collins
Jack Compton
Nick Cuitanic
Ruben Garcia
Mark Gielow
Grande Gonzales
Raul Gonzales
Cy Guerrier
James Guerrier
Eric Hellie
Ray Hoffman
Geoff Hubbard
Nazarrio Hernandez
Nazarrio Hernandez Jr.
Jason Hubbard
Josh Levine
Javier Lomei
Dave McDonald
Tom Martini
R.J. Meeter
Lila Murphy
Odell Warren
Jennifer Peterson
Don Puck
David Raybourn
Mike Rifkin
Ron Saffold
Chris Suarez
Mike Van Deusen
Hugh Whelpton
Frank White

Electronics/Motion Control
Ryan Campbell
Ronald D. Goldstien
Tonja Hill
Jeff Pepiot
Jordan Severy
Darran Webb
Dean W. Welch





Jose Paramo
Ron Zarro
Mayo Hydraulics




Drivers, Procurement and other talented contributors
Hunter Anderson
Stanley Holmes
Craig Lohr
Joan K. Rhodes
Lucinda Strub
Bob Sturgis
Lee Willis
Sande Willis
Dennis Woods
Gordy Woods
Martin Woods


As you can see, it takes alot of talent to pull off such a huge effect.
We thank Matt Sweeney for allowing us the opportunity to be involved.
Thanks Matt!

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